︎I am Christina Sellountos and I am a senior studying animation at Carnegie Mellon University. I come from a very large greek family but I grew up in Chicago. I identify as a painter, animator, and game designer.

When I’m not creating I am either gaming, biking, or trying to convince my roommates to watch Ghost Adventures with me. My art practice usually revolves around the concepts of objectification of women, the ideas on consent, consumption, and existentialism. As a result, I focus on how positions of power and who they service tend to affect the world around me. This includes the relationships of power between the artist and the viewer. In my art, I gravitate to using pastel purple and pink tones in my practice since I tend to be more drawn to those colors and it allows me to be more transparent about what I want to convey in my pieces. I also believe that using a continuous color palette throughout my work helps maintain a cohesive style and engages with my audience more.Usually, I tend to paint with oil and the subject of my pieces are female figures on large canvases as it brings a larger than life aspect to the issues I present in the paintings. While my paintings tend to be more serious, I like to play with humor with my digital work as I think it’s useful to engross the audience and to open up a dialogue about the intentions of the work. I try to learn and grow as an artist by seeing what other female artists are currently making and paying attention to the news and the world around me

© Christina Sellountos